We create confortable space bring your smiles.
HOURS : 10:00 - 19:00 TEL : 098-930-4700

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Plus something to your life to make your life happy!
We handle miscellaneous items, green, and furniture.
HOURS : 10:00 - 19:00
TEL : 098-887-0088
TEL : 098-930-0002

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You can buy, take home with you, and able to use it from today. TODAY O!K
HOURS:10:00 - 19:00
TEL : 098-930-1000

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Sell or buy your furniture at re OK. Let's make happy recycle cycle together.
HOURS:10:00 - 19:00
TEL : 098-930-4900

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Sukesan Takusan

We cover selling from welfare equipment to housing improvement.
HOURS:10:00 - 19:00

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Living Design SQUARE awase

Living design square awase is constructed 5 stores with different concept.
HOURS:10:00 - 19:00

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We provide interior design services for business such as hotel, hospital, office, and company.

happy minutes

This is delivery department in OHKAWA group.

VISION : Aim to be an Independent Company Able to Offer Affluence

From furniture to home fashion and home furnishing

Today, simultaneous with changes in our living environment, changes in human consciousness are occurring on a grand scale. The furniture and equipment necessary for life--such as beds, tableware and storage--have progressively become recognized as more than items fulfilling respective roles. In the midst of an era when creating a home requires thinking about one the total balance and coordination of one's living environment, from interior fashion to taking meals, we re-opened our store “maxplus” in 2006.
Incorporating design into living spaces
Taking this as a key phrase for the future way of living, we have developed household goods with high design characteristics. We have supported a wide range of customers, and looking ahead we feel that this has been immensely important, when considered from the perspective of our future business. From now on, continuing our efforts to create a range of goods for living spaces, we intend to work vigorously towards our aim to eventually be an enterprise producing total living spaces.

The Challenge of Offering "Affluence of Area"

Since a living space is an extremely important place where one spends a lot of time, items that suit each person's tastes are necessary. With that thought in mind we are advancing with the development of stores suited to various lifestyles. Rather than a set of uniform nationwide chain stores, we are developing stores that value the voice of minority groups -- that is the shape of our "independent model retail business." It is from this independent way of thinking that we feel we can offer the kind of store that is able to support an abundance of individual tastes.


Okinawa's history of foreign trade

Okinawa is the unique southernmost monument of Japan, a prefecture that is an isolated island belonging to a subtropical area. It's a place overflowing with unique history and culture different from any other area of Japan. People from throughout Japan who have been bewitched by this unique region are gathered here.


Okinawa is a land with a long history of prosperous foreign trade.

With the advantage of being located midway between East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the mainland of Japan, from the distant past Okinawa prospered in trade not as Japan, but as the Ryukyu Dynasty.

12th Century Okinawa.

In this era cultural exchange prospered with visitors from mainland Japan and the Chinese continent. There was trade not only with China but also with Southeast Asia, and the importance of Okinawa as a relay point in the center of Asian trade increased.

From the 15th century to the first half of the 16th century, vigorous maritime policies were carried out in Okinawa. With China's Fujian (Fukushu) province at the base, imperial tribute and tributary trade occurred, and trade prospered between the three lands bound together as China and Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia and Japan, and China and Japan. Additionally, a number of Southeast Asian nations such as Malaysia of the Malay Peninsula, the Patani Kingdom, and the Thai Ayuthaya Dynasty, carried out roles bound together with China and Japan as lively trade and diplomacy expanded.

Afterward, Okinawa officially became a part of Japan.


Company Name
  • President : Koichi Hokama
  • Vice-president : Kanzou Hokama
  • Managing director : Hirohiko Murayoshi
  • Director : Akira Kamizato
  • Director : Ichiko Hokama
  • Director : Yasutugu Oshiro
  • Director : Sachiko Shimabukuro
Foundation of bussiness
45,750,000 (yen)
3-20-1 Yogi Okianwa city Okinawa Japan
Number of employees
206 (regular employee 75 / part-time 131)
Our Busineess
Home furnishing store operation
space design
Housing improvement
Welfare equipment sales